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A new year ...

It was not really a good one, this last year ...

 Corona was far from over,
a monster in the Kremlin trying to destroy a peaceful country and its people
and we have reason to be deeply concerned about the life on our planet .

But let's start into this upcoming year with the hope,
that we will find these ways to make it better !

For this, I wish us insight and imagination -
and the power and the strength to implement both.

All the best for  2023!

Cordially  your's



The recordings of the Variations and Klavierstücke to complete his Mozart recordings have been finalized.

DECCA plans to combine the 4 new CDs with the preceding recording of all the piano sonatas to create a complete edition of all Mozart's piano works in a 10-CD box set and release it.

In advance, an individual double CD with the Variations will be reelased in March 2023.

For 2023, Prosseda is planning to focus  upon performing on the rarely played fortepiano, which he already successfully did in Deceember 2023.
Aside, Prosseda strengthened and extended his new online series entitled "The Professional Pianist", already started in February, in the frame of which he regularly publishes short videos demonstrating on the piano different aspects of the pianistic work, which he considers interesting and important.




His new compositon for Sir Andras Schiff commissioned by Klavierfestival Ruhr "Novembernacht"  will be premiered on June 27, 2023 in Bochum the frame of the Klavierfestival.
Finally, he returned to work upon his current opera project, which he had to let aside for a while due to other commissions:
"OFER - Till the end of the land", the libretto of which is based upon the novel by Man Booker-Prize winner David Grossmann.

There are also several projects for new commissions,
among them a new concert and a new Chamber Music work for 2023.

Finally,  in view the climate change problem,  he's planning to complement his compositions "Terra" and "Mare" by "Vento" and "Sole" to become a 'Symphony of Elements'.

Shlomo Mintz' concert with  Würth Philharmonics of the  Violin Concerto by Dvorak was received with enthusiasm by press and audience:
If anyone is completely absorbed in music, it is probably Shlomo MIntz: with his eyes closed, he gives himself completely to the sounds of Antonin Dvorak's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor, op. 53.
He exploits the entire tonal spectrum of his violin In long, supple melodic arcs to the highest heights. With demanding doubel stops, he demonstrates his impressive virtuosity.
At the same time, he enthuses the audience at the Carmen Würth Forum with his wide range of musical emotions and expressions.
If the audience is already thrilled by this interpretation of Dvorak, it is downright ravished by Shlomo Mintz's highly virtuosic encore - the Paganini Caprice No. 24.

We're happy, that our work for Schlomo Mintz, which with this concert will provisorily come to an end, has been emphasized with this beautiful event.


      Video footage for all film concerts

      Info Silent movies from Japan
Buchwald began his 22/23 season in France by conducting the Octuor de France for the world premiere of the chamber music version of his film score to Murnau's legendary "Nosferatu".

And on the occasion of a series of film concerts at the silent film festival Le Giornate of Cinema Muto /Italy, Buchwald happily  could held in his hands the long-awaited DVD/Bluray of the legendary silent film "CASANOVA" synchronized with his original music, produced for the Cinémathèque Francaise by the US company Flicker Alley.
It should also be available on the European market by beginning of 2023.

Regrettably, Putin's war has prevented the planned film concert of "Casanova" in Moscow - and that will probably remain so for quite a while ...
It's a pity: director, main actors and almost the entire crew were Russians, who emigrated to Paris, and a part of the film is set at the court of the great Catherine in St. Petersburg (see cover photo of the DVD).
In a sense, a largely Russian work of art would have 'come home' with this concert.
One of the many human losses, the man in the Kremlin doesn't care about!

In the meantime, Buchwald has launched conducting a mimi series with films by Chaplin.

And has also profited from his forced 'time out' to work upon an arrangenment of Bizet's "L'Arlesienne" to be recorded with Octuor de France, and a compilation of "Carmen" to be performed with the Orchestre Philharmonique de Bruxelles.

In January 2023 , he will accompany together with the well known German clarinettist Helmut Eisel  the screening of  "Jüdisches Glück" (after the novel  by Shoelm Alejchem) in Zürich and Freiburg.

Finally, in March 23 he will conduct the film orchestra of Freiburger Philharmoniker to peform Shostkovitch' music for teh Russian silent movie "The new Babylon".

DVD-Democopies of Buchwalds film concerts with Murnaus "Nosferatu" and "Faust", the Hollywood production "The Wind" and the Japanese silent movies "Sumiko" and "Express 300 Miles" are available.




The world premiere of an orchestra version of the original soundtrack Betty initially composed for Giora Feidman and the Arditti String Quartet to accompany the screening of the famous German silent Movie  "Der Golem", was the only LIVE event taking place and presented on the legendary "Potemkin Steps" in the frame the only digitally organized Int. Odessa Film Festival/Ukraine.
Following  the press echoes, it was a 'magic

Olivero's current commissions include a work for the Boulez Ensemble, upon which she is working on behalf of Daniel Barenboim.




Music  written for the ThdS
Music from "Cds à ID"
"Haikus Sonores"

After the work on the new production of the Théâtre du Soleil "L'Ile d'Or" with the music of Lemêtre was finished, a team of young musicians plays Lemetres stage music at the Cartoucherie -  and he himself is on the way to other musical horizons.

He compses music for ballets and dasnc theatres as recently for  "Lampejos" the much acclaimed production of  theh dance Company "Cisne Negro" / Sao Paulo). und schreibt Filmmusiken. 

And he's creating soundtracks for films: his music for the film "Here the Mistral blows hard" has just been awarded with the 'Palm d'Or of Cannes 2023 for best original film music!

Aside, he's intensifying his lectures, workshops, classes and seminaires upon original instruments, he has collected around the world, but which got lost or have been forgotten in the countries of origin,

For his theater music, Lemêtre has invented many new instruments for individual scenes, different characters and areas of tension, or has reassembled elements of instruments from different eras and the most diverse cultures between the Orient and the Occident. About this process, Thibault Saladin made the wonderful film "JJ Lemetre - Musicien Insolite", in which Lemêtre explains and shows the creation of an individual instrument, which he then plays.

Recently, in the preface of a new book, he has written upon an interesting item: the silence on stage, in cinema and in music.

Upon Lemêtre's work and music 2 new publications are available
 "Jouer avec la musique" a book upon his work with the Théâtre du Soleil has been published by Actes-Sud.
And a DVD with 4 films by Anne Lacombe upon his music,
"L'oeil et l'oreille"  has been released at Fortdecafe.